There are many reasons you may need to store your personal property. Perhaps you are in a transition period during the moving process. Maybe you simply need to declutter your home. Whatever the case, there are many types of storage to consider. Here are 3 types of storage you can use along with their pros and cons.

Self-Storage Facilities

Renting out a storage unit is perhaps one of the most popular methods of storing your personal property. There are many pros to this method such as accessibility and potential low costs. You can usually access these storage units 24/7 without help. These places also usually have surveillance cameras and plenty of lighting so you and your stored belongings stay safe and sound. There are many options ranging from a simple garage-type room outdoors to highly secure, climate-controlled units–all for a (typically) very reasonable price.

There aren’t many cons to this type of storage. The main pain point is that you have to provide transportation for yourself and your stuff from the storage facility and your desired “point B”.

Storage Pods

Storage pods are a great way to bring the storage capability with you wherever you go. These pods allow you to not only store your belongings in added space with only a short walk from your door to the unit, but also enable you to bring the unit with you to your chosen destination. You can typically call the company you rented the unit from to hook your unit up to a hitch on your truck for a fee.

There are a few shortcomings for this service. These units are typically smaller than regular storage units and can cost more per square foot especially with any extra hitching fees. Beyond that, it can make it even harder to sell your home as it can be difficult for the average homebuyer to see the true potential of your home beyond the unsightly storage container in your yard.

Concierge Storage

Pause for a moment and think of the mere thought of “concierge storage”. Doesn’t that sound incredibly convenient? While you won’t find this option everywhere you go, this kind of “full-service storage” service will come to your house, pack your desired items up, take a full inventory of said items, tote them to an off-site facility, and even retrieve your items for you when you need them, whether you need your golf clubs for a trip to the course or you need your decorations back to fill that empty spot on the wall.

There are a few caveats to this type of storage. This type of service can’t be found in every city. And when you do find it, you can expect it will cost a pretty penny. Also, you can’t simply access your items on a whim as you’ll need to call the company to retrieve said items.

There are many storage options available in this great age. These companies are only a call or Google search away. Happy storage!

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