It’s always best to plan your move well before your moving date(s). Unfortunately, there are many times that will likely fall upon you where a quick packing and moving process will be vital. Here are a few tips to make sure you can pack as efficiently as possible.

  1. Designate one room or area in your house as the “packing area”.

Quickness is key, and it is very hard to find an empty box or markers and tape quickly when they’re strewn about your house. Choose one room in your house, preferably one that is not a high-traffic area, and keep all of your packing supplies in there. That way, you always know where to find your built boxes, tape, popcorn, moving blankets, markers, and anything else you need to pack something up.

  1. Don’t leave your drawers empty.

Many people like to empty their dressers and pack the contents into boxes. This is quite redundant. Leave everything in your drawers so you don’t waste both time and boxes. If the drawers are already empty, put some linens in them. By this same token of not leaving empty space, don’t pack empty luggage. Put some clothes in them!

  1. Don’t break your boxes.

Some people look at big boxes and think that they are for heavy things. Packing a large box full of books is a great way to not only break your box, but possibly pull a muscle or two. Safety is priority in a move, so don’t do this. Time is also an issue. If Uncle Tim pulls a muscle, you waste time repacking. Plus you can’t have your uncle lifting anymore.

In short, pack light things in large boxes and heavy things in small boxes.

  1. Use your blankets and quilts for padding.

Don’t let your blankets ride for free. Put them to work! If they are easy to clean, use them for your lamps, artwork, and other fragile items.

  1. Trash bags are fantastic!

While you can stack boxes making efficient use of space, there are many places in a truck where you can’t stack boxes. Find some sturdy trash bags and put non-breakable, lighter items in them. You can squish these bags into areas where boxes dare not go.

  1. Prioritize your packing order.

There are some things you will need more quickly than others in a move. Maybe you don’t need your desk right away, but you’ll likely need your bedding sooner than later. Prioritize items like this by packing them and labeling them with a star to show that they will be needed more quickly. Then put them at the edge of the moving truck so you can access them first.

  1. Be ready for help!

Some people have movers while others ask friends and family to help load and/or unload the truck. Make it as quick and easy for them as possible. Make sure everything is packed and ready to go and disassemble any furniture that needs it while taping the needed hardware to the corresponding furniture. This will make for a quick and easy load-out. Also, if you’ve hired movers, this means less cost to you as the movers won’t have to spend as much time there. (They charge by the hour, after all!)

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