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Thank you so much for offering on one of our properties or contracts.  We are looking forward to working with you.  For those of you that haven’t purchased with us before here is a quick run down of how we work and how we differ from a typical transaction.

1. No due diligence/backout clause. Inspect the property while you’re there. If the property is vacant, you will likely be able to get access before closing again, but won’t be able to back out for inspection issues.


2. Buyer (you) pays both sides of the title fees. What we mean by that is that in a typical cash transaction the seller will pay for the owners title policy then each party will pay their fee to the title officer for closing them.  We ask that you factor into your price paying for the owner’s title policy and both sides of the standard title fees.  For a recent $240,000 transaction using our title company that wound up being $490 in title fees and $1,355 for the owners title policy so $1845 total or .7% of the purchase price.


3. Time frames and inspections
   – We like to move as quickly as possible. Many buyers can close in 1-2 days. We typically allow up to 2 weeks for closings
    – We try to limit the total walk-throughs to 2 on the property. Please fit your property tour into one of the windows that we have scheduled (if the home is occupied.)
    – We will take offers for 24 hours once we announce that we’re accepting offers. The next day we will take the best offer that we received & try to work a deal with them.


4. This is not an auction where you start low & end up high. Enter in your highest & best offer in this form. We typically do not go back to everyone and re-ask for their highest and best. What you send here, we assume is it.  The only exception is if we have multiple qualified offers that all fall in nearly the same.

When we review the offers, we will work with the highest qualified offer until they have deposited their $5,000.  At that point, we will notify all other offers that they were not selected for this one and that we will come back to you if things don’t work out.  

Thank you again and looking forward to working with you!

All you need to do to submit an offer is to fill out the form below. We will fill out the paperwork only if you are accepted.

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