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We’re a team who’s creating positive change in the real estate market in Lubbock & impacting lives across the Globe. We donate 1 home to an impoverished family for every 5 houses we flip!  Who is on the team? Thunder Sun Homes was founded by an alumni of Texas Tech University. We have real estate professionals and licensed contractors with years of experience providing quality homes. Get an honest & fair property management experience renting from us or a great deal buying an owner financed house or a fixer upper from us! We can provide an array of solutions for home owners in tough situations, and we can help you if you’re wanting to get into a home!

We Buy Houses

You have your reasons for having to sell our property. We are always looking to buy homes, and yours might just be the one we are looking for! If you’re looking to sell your home, click on the button below to get an offer on your house!  (We make funny commercials too)  😛 —> 

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Spacious 2 Bedroom For Under $600

Beat the heat from working a long day by walking into this large living area cooled by central air.  This 2 bedroom apartment features a large living area with a huge fireplace and plenty of space for family gatherings.  The master bedroom can easily fit a king size...

Mini-Mansion Fixer Upper (Owner Financed)

Your golden opportunity to make your dream home. HUGE home ready for a large family or multiple generations! 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sun room, laundry room, pool, and large dining room! There's even an unfinished deck on the 2nd story. There are still some things...

Quick Moving Packing Tips

It’s always best to plan your move well before your moving date(s). Unfortunately, there are many times that will likely fall upon you where a quick packing and moving process will be vital. Here are a few tips to make sure you can pack as efficiently as possible....

Acquiring Funding For Home Improvement

Many homeowners have been in this same boat: you have improvements or repairs you want or need to make, but you don’t have the funding. Maybe you’re wanting to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps your need is more dire, such as needing to bring your electrical...

Benefits Of Selling Your Home For Cash

There are many benefits to selling your house to a cash buyer, like us. Here are just a few of the upsides to note: Quick Sale Instead of dealing with the lengthy timeframe typically associated with selling a home, selling your home for cash usually means the deal can...

Give Back

Let's giveback! Know someone that's a first responder, police officer, or a member of the armed forces? Join us as we give back to those who put our needs before their own! Right now any first responder or a member of the armed forces gets a free application fee and...

We Buy Houses

Needing to sell quick? Moving Soon You may be ready to move, but just need to get rid of your house to free up a down payment and not have to carry 2 mortgages.  About to be Foreclosed An unexpected event may have happened that prevents you from paying your current...

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How To Know When Your Foundation Needs Repairing

How To Know When Your Foundation Needs Repairing

If your shoe moulding is broken and needs replacing, that’s not a terribly expensive repair. If you have a broken section of granite counter top, that can be more pricy to be sure. There is one part of your house, however, that is much more expensive (and imperative)...

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